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Touch Hockey 2 app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 8816 ratings )
Games Entertainment Arcade Sports
Developer: FlipSide5, Inc.
Current version: 2.2.9, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Nov 2011
App size: 124.3 Mb

Touch Hockey 2 now supports iPhone 6 and iOS 8! Recent new features includes:

Game Center challenges!
Compete for the highest score on each table!
Earn Coins to buy all the fantastic content!
Unlimited Online Plays for Free!
Do-Overs to recover high score opportunities!
Great new Bumper and Glow Tables!
Powerful new Champion Paddle!

The verdict is in, Touch Hockey 2 is simply the best:

Touch Hockey 2 is easily the best air hockey game in the App Store.

...the very best version available is Touch Hockey 2 HD. ....Even if you’ve never played real air hockey, I can promise that you’ll be mesmerized by this expertly designed game.
- Adrenaline Vault, Top Games of 2012

Praise for Touch Hockey and Touch Hockey Extreme:
One of the only 10 games your iPhone needs.

4.5 out of 5 mice.

“Touch Hockey is a highly polished air hockey game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It looks great, and the gameplay is completely customizable.” 4.5 out of 5 stars

“Overall Touch Hockey is a must download. It’s simple priceless fun. I am giving Touch Hockey a 5 out of 5 stars”

Touch Hockey 2 Features:

- All new Bumper Table offers great new challenges.
- Fantastic new Glow Theme.
- New Champion Paddle is the best yet!
- Online play against your friends or the world!
- Head to head online play over Wi-Fi and you can give it a try over 3G!
- Head to head local play over Bluetooth!
- Head to head play on the same device!
- Over 20 fantastic paddles to choose from!
- Choose from 8 beautifully crafted tables!
- Play in 3 gorgeously rendered exotic environments

Please reach us on our facebook page if you have any comments or problems with Touch Hockey 2:

Pros and cons of Touch Hockey 2 app for iPhone and iPad

Touch Hockey 2 app good for

I play this on an iPod touch and it works pretty well! Mind you the iPod is fairly old so Ive had no issues;)
Lots of fun... Definitely an improvement over the first game...
I like it! Its something to do when ur bored out of your mind!! Like on rainy days. I like that u can try the cool tables for 5 trys :) but then u need to pay :( Why do u need to pay? Have u heard the song? I will sing it... ITS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY,MONEY,MONEY! We dont need your money, money,money, we just wanna make the world dance! (Sing it) anyway u do know the first touch hockey is better right? It has more ratings! U make the easy opponent a little hard. I want to get the hard but again u need to pay :( Its a good pass-time thought! Great game I would download it!!!! Oh ya one more thing to say: If u dont know the song i talked about its on a mini pops kids disc! Available at almost any store!!!!
This game is fun but can you play it with Game Center friends?
This game rocks and is berry addictive it is a MUST HAVE game
Anybody who like air hockey Im sure would be entertained... I like it

Some bad moments

Much like most games these days its garbage. Offers in ap purchases because you cant ever earn enough coins to get anything. Thanks for wasting my time! Jerk face!
i have the full version but we i go to the shop click on a paddle then press upgrade now it wont get the paddle and my coins stay the same (i have enough coins) please fix
This is just the kind of game that trys to get people to upgrade. Not much of a free game. Still tells me 3-4 days later that "can not play more than 3 games in 24 hours over your limit want to upgrade?" 24 hrs is 24 hrs not 3-4 days. Pretty sure where I come from 24hrs is only 1 day. Maybe I missed that day in school or maybe it was 3-4
I had to pay $1 for this game now it wants me to pay $3 for full version wtf is this
I swear to god this game is complete garbage whoever made this has no idea how physicals work this isnt space idiot the puck isnt in a zero gravity environment this game is trash
And dont buy any in app purchases as if you change devices you CAN NOT restore and there is no support other than a 2013 last updated Facebook page.... You have been warned.

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